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13 Jan

A large box was sitting on my porch this afternoon and I could not remember purchasing anything.  The address was handwritten with the caution to be careful opening the box.  What in the world?!

I opened the box, pulled back the carefully folded tissue paper to uncover a creamy chenille woven blanket.   A card was lying on top of the blanket which I opened.  My first cousins (including their sister-in-law) had gotten together in Georgia to pray over the blanket as they wove it together by hand.  My prayer blanket had been made by them for me to use during recovery as a reminder of their love and prayers for my healing. 

Emotion flooded my heart.  Particularly touching was seeing the photo of my first cousin who had valiantly fought stage 2B breast cancer and won. It was a reminder that with cancer you pay love and prayers forward. 

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