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17 Dec

The likelihood that I might have cancer was so scary that I could not talk about it without crying.  Because of this I chose the most impersonal way of telling family and friends: I texted it.  

"Well, some potentially not good news today.  I had a suspicious finding on my mammogram and went in for additional screening (ultrasound).  They found a mass in both exams about 1/4” (approximately 0.635cm/6.35mm) in size.  Good news, the lymph nodes look completely clear.  I go in next Monday for an ultrasound biopsy to determine what we’re facing. Praying that it is another one of the many fibroids my body produces and not cancer - but if it is cancer then we will have caught it VERY early which is a blessing.  Please say prayers!"

In the days ahead, additional people would come to mind who I knew should be told sooner rather than later as it would hurt their feelings if they were not allowed to pray for and support me during this process.  I put aside any reservations or second thoughts about adding more people to my list and simply sent them the text message if they came to mind, trusting in God's promptings.  

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