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14 Jan

With a little bit of concern I returned, a year later, to the mammogram screening center where my cancer journey began.  After checking in I waited, dreading the discomfort that I was about to experience.  The feelings that I had experienced of fear and dread returned.  I was back in the moment I learned that I likely had cancer. 

As my name was called and I made my way back to the changing area the kind nurse who had guided my husband and me to the room to speak with the radiologist last year greeted me and handed me a warm robe.  With emotion, I thank her for her kindness in staying with us and providing comfort as the radiologist shared the news of the "suspicious mass" that would require a biopsy.  She was one of several truly kind people along my journey. 

My technician arrived at my changing cubicle to collect me and we made our way into the room with the mammogram equipment.  She explained that if the images were not conclusive or if there was something suspicious that she would also be performing an ultrasound.  I was beginning to feel even more dread of the results.  

As she diligently placed me into the various positions for the required images I worked to "relax" and to calm my racing heart.  After retaking one of the images she left the room to have the radiologist read the mammogram to determine if an ultrasound would be required. 

Several minutes later she returned to inform me that not only was the image clear but it was also conclusive that an ultrasound was not required. 

Words can not describe the profound relief and joy that I felt when she said, "You are all clear!  We'll see you in a year." 

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