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30 Dec

I think that the shock and denial of having breast cancer is beginning to wear off.  The reality of the diagnosis hits in odd moments.  And yes, I'm struggling to feel as though I’m qualified to be in the club of breast cancer patients.  There are SO many heroic battles that women are fighting and have fought to overcome advanced, complex breast cancer.  I feel as though what I have is more of an acute medical condition that will be 100% treated, not cancer.  

And yet, just this morning, my primary care doctor asked me, “How are you doing now that you know you have cancer?”  His question was an immediate reminder that I have a journey ahead of killing radical cells.  

I have cancer but it’s not the chemotherapy type of cancer so does it really qualify as cancer?  I have a 100% survivability rate so does that really qualify as cancer?

Am I really a member of Club Pink?

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