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06 Feb

On Thursday, as I neared the completion of my Brachytherapy radiation treatment, my surgeon left a message that my Oncotype report demonstrated that the 21 genes they tested from my tumor tissue produced an "extremely low score" and that I would not be a good candidate for chemotherapy. 

The Oncotype test is optimal for early-stage invasive breast cancer (Stage I-IIIa) and indicates whether someone would likely benefit from chemotherapy, as well as the recurrence likelihood for breast cancer.

I had assumed, because my tumor margins and lymph nodes were clear of cancer cells, that chemotherapy was not even on the table!  Imagine my surprise when I listened to this message.  The good news was that I wasn't waiting for the results of yet another test to determine my future, that my DNA conclusively demonstrated that I would not benefit from chemotherapy.  

So grateful for this positive milestone! 

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