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27 Jan

The lumpectomy occurred mid day on Thursday and my surgeon said that she would call me with the results of the pathology report from the tumor margin and my lymph nodes late Friday afternoon.  Fortunately, her nurse had previously stated that surgeries that occur in the afternoon on Thursday typically don't get the pathology results until the following Monday.  So, I wasn't surprised that I didn't receive a call on Friday afternoon. 

As the minutes crawled by on Monday friends and family began texting to see if I had heard anything.  They were continuing to pray for an "All Clear!"  The texts caused me to be aware of the delay in results and increased my anxiety about having no news.  

Around 4PM my surgeon called, casually asked me how I was doing.  I could hardly carry on a "normal" conversation because the only thing I really cared about were the results.  After exchanging pleasantries and updating her on my great progress she said, "I just received the pathology report and there is no presence of cancer cells in your lymphs or in the tumor margins.  Just to be sure I heard her I asked, "So you're saying I have an "all clear" report?"  She said, "yes."  

While I had made peace with whatever I would be facing next it was a relief to know that the short-term, internal radiation (i.e., brachytherapy) would be my next step.  My surgeon said her office would coordinate the treatment schedule with the radiation oncologist with the first step being my surgeon implanting the device for the brachytherapy in her office on the following Monday. 

My first call?  My husband who had been with me through every step of treatment.  My second call?  My mother who had been in constant prayer for my health and healing.   

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