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03 Jan

When my primary care doctor called me with the biopsy results I listened and retained most of the information but over the past week I've realized there is more information on the biopsy report that is important to have as I'm living in this limbo before seeing the breast surgeon. 

The KEY piece of information is whether the biopsy indicated that my ductal carcinoma is "in situ" or not.  This single piece of information will completely change my outlook as it takes me from non-invasive to invasive cancer and will fundamentally drive the treatment options that lie ahead.  

I called the office who did the biopsy asking that they email me my biopsy results and was told that their office does not email medical information.  I was then put on hold while the receptionist conferred with my biopsy physician.  She then explained that the doctor was seeing patients and would need to call me before they would share the biopsy report.  Oh!  And, they would not be mailing the biopsy report until they received the "final report" which would be some time next week.  OMG!  All I wanted was to read my own preliminary biopsy report to find out if my ductal carcinoma was in situ or invasive. 

Well, the biopsy doctor never called, New Years day came and went, and finally this morning I worked up  the courage to call my primary care doctor's office to request a copy of the report.  They're sending it right over and I am terrified to read it.  

The report arrived via email and I opened the letter to read that I have invasive ductal carcinoma.  No more living in denial, no more wishful thinking that I have the least impactful form of breast cancer.  It is invasive.

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