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14 Jan

After a painful break up from the man who would eventually be my husband, I visited a friend in Kalispell, Montana.  During that trip we kayaked down one of the beautiful glacier fed rivers.  The day was warm, the water was extremely cold, and the scenery was stunning. After some time we stopped on a rocky shore. 

During this rest stop I became fascinated with the way in which the power of the water had rounded the edges of the river rocks. And as I walked on the shore, looking at the stunning colors of the rocks, I spotted a heart shaped rock and heard God gently say, "I love you."  I was so overcome that I remember weeping with joy that I was loved by the creator of the majestic beauty that surrounded me. 

Over time, I have continued to collect heart shaped rocks as reminders of how beloved I am.  During my treatment I've placed the rock in the photo on my desk where I will see it daily.  Yes, even the rocks cry out with His love for me!

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